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News about the Dolphin Trust-German Property Group

Below you will learn about the current state of the Dolphin Trust-German Property Group.

Dolphin Capital Trust



Asian investors entangled in $1.2bn German property scandal

Liquidator seeks to identify those who invested in redevelopment scheme

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Dolphin Trust

Dolphin Trust GmbH changed their name to German Property Group GmbH. According to the management, the reason for the name change was not intended to divert attention from negative press coverage and customer dissatisfaction.

Dolphin Trust and German Property Group claim to acquire buildings in Germany for refurbishment and subsequently sell them. The aim is to generate returns for investors. The investors acquire so-called notes, i.e. a kind of promissory note which is an unregulated product.

Bayerischer Rundfunk, together with Hessischer Rundfunk and the BBC, has broadcast a report on Dolphin in London (see Mediathek BR, Kontrovers vom 22.05.2019). In the programme, RA MATTIL was interviewed as an expert on banking and capital markets law.

The investigating journalists have discovered that the properties allegedly acquired by Dolphin are not being renovated in a "listed" manner, but are just sitting there decaying. Where the returns paid to the investors come from is highly dubious. The returns were presumably taken from the capital of new investors.


Dolphin has , for each project purpose , established a company , called for example  Dolphin Capital 1 Projekt GmbH & Co KG and so on , consecutively up to No 300.


Dolphin promised a security for investors , by registering a land charge on the property. This was a highly wilful deception , since a land charge only happens for a trustee , not for an investor on first ranking. This would be  the only way of a security , in case of course , provided a valuable real estate ( building ).

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Information about Dolphin Trust-German Property Group

In the companys register we discovered more than 150 companies belonging to GPG group, mostly Dolphin Nr ..KG . We try to investigate, if real estate property has been purchased and in favour of which company. It seems that many of these properties are not being renovated or restored, but decay without any sense. We think that an insolveny proceeding of the entire Dolphin group will be  unavoidable and the only way to recover all assetes for investors. In Germany, an insolvency proceeding is strictly surveilled by court and controlled by the investors( creditors ).

Law firm MATTIL acts for investors of Dolphin 80. KG, who require a mature claim, without any paiment or explanation.
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